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Digital Twin Project with Gilles Bonne

  • juni 09, 2022
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A large enterprise with multiple product lines, processes, multiple IT systems, and legacy software requested Addestino to create a digital twin to model their operational reality with KPI reporting. Why did they want to have this? Because they did not have an end-to-end view of their business due to ad hoc and manual reporting.

It is a project which requires a multidisciplinary approach, and we started by interviewing users to understand their needs and the business context, translating them into specific use cases. We wanted to define which dashboards and reports they needed to answer the initial questions.

We started last year on the first digital twin track for one product line, and based on the early MVP; management decided to begin on more tracks; even last month, we started the fourth track.

Our Addestino team works directly alongside the client; we create something new and deliver insights monthly—not a one-shot analysis. It’s nice to know that our efforts contribute to the bigger picture.

The project is not purely technical; however, technical skills are required.  For example, if you need to work with the raw system data. It’s also about interacting with the customer and capturing the users’ needs.

The project constellation mixes newer colleagues working on the digital tracks and more senior colleagues coaching them. There are several aspects, both technically speaking and business-wise, to be considered. It’s an excellent stepping stone for newer colleagues, helping them hone technical skills and grow in sense-making.

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