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Finance Training with Michiel Vermeersch

  • mei 05, 2022
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Most of our new hires have an engineering background with limited finance expertise. Our finance training modules are separated into three half days, involving slide-based lectures, exercises, and discussions. And we conclude with a test to ensure our new hires have absorbed the concepts covered during the training.

 First Module

We look into the Managerial accounting method, which focuses on costs and documentation for internal purposes. We focus on cost behaviours, e.g. how is my product line performing?

Second Module 

We dive into Financial accounting, which includes financial statements, summaries, and related disclosures for external purposes, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reporting.

Third Module 

We investigate corporate finance topics such as funding, leverage, business cases, and the time value of money. For example, how do corporations scale their businesses?

Participant Matteo: “In the first finance training module, we looked deeply at costs. And it mapped perfectly onto a ‘P&L project’ I’m working on.”

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