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From Embedded to Cloud Developer with Jeroen De Wachter

  • september 15, 2022
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I studied computer science, with a focus on client computing and enabling video competencies. Afterwards, I worked as a university researcher, but quickly realised that I wanted to use my technical skills in a business context. I joined Addestino to broaden my horizons and become a technical expert. Since then, I’ve worked for several years, and built expertise, within the embedded programming and parallel computing world.

Recently, I wanted to make a career shift, and get deeper into cloud-based programming. So far, it has been a mixture of Addestino training, self-training, and learning on the job—which I enjoy. My first cloud-based project is underway, and I’m learning a lot, for example, looking into infrastructure as code. There is much to learn, but it’s accelerating my growth, and I’m transitioning in small steps.

Addestino allows us to explore different domains, and for me, that has been the valorisation of new ideas. Each year the university has a call to various research groups for new ideas to fund. The research groups elaborate their ideas into detailed lengthy documents to be reviewed by a jury. The challenge for the jury members is that they lack the resources to read through all this material, and sometimes they do not have a technical background on the topic. That’s where Addestino comes in. We synthesise those large documents into two to three pages and verify or challenge them with external market data. So that the jury members can make a sound funding decision.

Finally, given my deep technical expertise, I’ve been planning and executing Addestino’s IT transformation. Everything from sourcing a backup provider for all the cloud data, to splitting the shared IT environment with Addestino’s sister firm, and transforming other components.

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