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Supporting work-life balance: Arthur’s story

  • november 29, 2023
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Consulting work and endurance sport share a common thread: they require more than logging mindless empty miles. Engaging in smart and results-oriented work is what truly drives progress. In this interview, our colleague Arthur talks about how he aligns his career ambitions with his after-hours triathlon goals.

Boasting both computer science and management degrees, Arthur had plenty of job opportunities to choose from upon graduating. “At first, figuring out which organisations would prove the right fit was a bit tricky,” he recalls. “One thing was clear: I didn’t want to spend my time coding the day away, glued to my desk. During my postgraduate studies, I was given a taste of different industries, and I particularly took a liking to the consulting sector. Initially, I was introduced to Addestino through a friend. After speaking with Joyce from the HR team, we followed up on our conversation at a job fair where a small delegation from the company was in attendance.”

While Arthur initially considered larger consulting firms, he soon realised that these large players would require extensive travel and flexibility on his part. “If I wanted to have a fulfilling life beyond work, Addestino seemed to be the obvious choice for me,” he explains. “This became increasingly apparent throughout my hiring process. Large organisations bombarded me with round after round of IQ tests, while Addestino seemed to be more focused on building a personal connection and assessing where I would fit in the company dynamics. I clicked with everyone I spoke with, and it wasn’t until my final interview that I was asked to solve the typical consulting cases that had characterised my interviews at other companies. This positive environment also gave me the confidence to openly discuss my views on work-life balance and how I intended to combine my interests outside of work with a demanding consulting career.”

Arthur dived straight into a project in the automotive sector, under the watchful eye of his senior colleague Michiel. “There’s an expectation to hit the ground running from day one,” Arthur says with a grin. “Fortunately, there’s a solid handover process and ongoing support and follow-up from the rest of the team, so I never felt too overwhelmed as a fresh hire. In addition to frequent status meetings with the project leader, there are also monthly check-ins with HR and regular sessions with our personal mentor that go beyond the immediate project scope. It felt like everyone on the team genuinely followed through on their commitment to support new hires, and this has proven a key factor in building trust.”

“When I first joined, I made it known that I was keen on delving into business strategy and exploring a wide range of sectors,” Arthur elaborates. “The team catered to this by assigning me to projects with various clients, which helped me to build a broad knowledge base and evolve into a more well-rounded strategist. Now, after two years on the job, I’ve tackled nearly a dozen different projects.”

Reflecting on his journey so far, Arthur notes a distinct learning curve, saying: “In my first year, I was able to polish my strategic skill set and I learned how to efficiently conduct in-depth client interviews. This experience has made me more effective in my current role and is definitely something I’ll be able to take on board going into the future.”

Arthur truly appreciates the work-life balance that his job offers. “Unlike other employers that tend to focus on putting in the hours, with minimal flexibility, we prioritise the end result. As long as the work is completed within the deadline and the client is satisfied, that’s what matters. This level of flexibility is generally hard to find. Funnily enough, knowing that I can set my own schedule and take responsibility actually boosts my productivity while working.”

This flexibility also allows Arthur to pursue his other passion: triathlon. “It’s a sport known for its demanding training regimen, especially for long-distance races. Fortunately, my schedule accommodates both my work and race goals. I can easily engage in swim training after hours without worrying about missing a session due to extended work deadlines. I’m happy to be able to maintain this healthy equilibrium, and I see it reflected in every aspect of my working life. When my partner relocated to the Netherlands for a year, for example, I was able to join her during her stint abroad while doing mostly remote projects for Addestino.”

Reflecting on his experiences so far, Arthur realises the rarity of an employer that truly delivers on their promises of HR support, career development and work-life balance. “An organisation that genuinely fulfils these commitments, is truly an employer that takes its people’s interests at heart.”

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