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Catching a career wave with Matthias

  • augustus 09, 2023
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After graduating, Matthias took his talents to Addestino to work on a variety of IT-related consulting projects. He shares his personal journey and spills the beans on our team building weekend while explaining the importance of surf lessons with colleagues.

Matthias joined Addestino in September 2022. Since then, he has taken on a number of challenges. “After obtaining my engineering science degree, I was determined to expand my knowledge and use my technical skills in real-world business scenarios at leading companies. I was looking for a workplace that would give me the freedom to explore different career paths, rather than conforming to the standard track that is typical for consulting behemoths. During my studies, I had already experienced the excitement of making a tangible difference for clients, and I was looking to recreate that.”

Matthias still vividly remembers the initial conversation with Joyce from the HR team that hooked him in. “During our very first recruitment call, she casually mentioned that Addestino’s mission was to build a bridge between business and technology. This description resonated with me, and I felt that such a consulting position would fit me like a glove. The same sentiment was reinforced during subsequent interviews, where every person I spoke with emphasised our potential long-term match for the team, rather than checking whether I would tick the boxes.”

“I’m able to create tangible impact based on my skill set and interests, which helps me to drive my own career forward.”

“Addestino has a bit of a reputation for organising a flying start for new employees,” Matthias chuckles. “For me, it meant diving straight into a client project on my very first day. Of course, I could count on the support of a senior colleague, which helped me find my footing quickly. What I particularly valued was having a personal coach, Giuseppe, who provided additional support. This coaching programme offers the opportunity to address any practical or more in-depth questions with someone who is genuinely invested in your personal growth. It helped me tremendously in navigating the intricacies of a new work environment and improving my interaction with clients – for example, in learning how to get my ideas across more effectively during meetings. It helps to know that my coach used to walk in my shoes just a few years ago, as it gives them a comprehensive understanding of my role and all the challenges that new hires inevitably encounter in their first few months.”

Part of cultivating a successful team involves fresh ways to bring coworkers together. Since our consultants are frequently out of the office for client-site assignments or engaged in remote work, team spirit can be tricky to foster. That’s why we regularly organise team building events. During his time at Addestino, Matthias has already had the opportunity in various non-work events and activities, ranging from golf outings to laser tag. “The most memorable experience so far has been our recent annual team building trip to Lisbon,” Matthias recalls. “The idea was to get our entire team on a plane to enjoy a rejuvenating weekend of relaxation, free from any work-related interruptions. It was great to see a different side of colleagues that I usually only encounter at the coffee machine – battling the waves together on a surfboard or sharing stories over drinks at a beach bar outing helps to bond differently… While the emphasis was on unwinding, we managed to live up to our company name when faced with an unexpected challenge upon boarding our return flight to Belgium. A last minute flight cancellation threatened to disrupt our plans. Fortunately, our HR team swiftly sprung into action to arrange new flights for over fifty people, while the rest of us rescheduled their meetings. It was inspiring to witness how quickly everyone was rebooked, with some of us even volunteering for a longer layover through different airports.”

When asked about his personal development, Matthias highlights the valuable insights he has gained across different fields. “In addition to applying my technical expertise, I’ve been immersing myself in strategy and industry-specific knowledge from different sectors. I feel empowered to drive my own career forward. What sets Addestino apart for me is the opportunity to create tangible impact based on my skill set and interests. The flat organisational structure and open lines of communication with everyone not only expedite learning, but also help to build a close-knit team that makes every working day a fun one.”

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