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Fast-track yourself for high-octane learning, not for a burn-out

Fast-paced challenges

  • We move fast, and so do our projects.
  • Work on several projects in parallel to keep things interesting.
  • Learn as you go, building your skills with every new project.

V is for variation

  • We strategize the tech, then we implement it. We think, then we do.
  • No silos. Apply your expertise across industries and practices.
  • Don’t get pigeonholed. Yes, you can combine 5G and security.

Your job, your call

  • You want to grow? You decide how fast and in which direction.
  • Get direct feedback from colleagues, coaches and company leaders.
  • No pyramid structures here, we’re an all-star cast of performers.
Accelerate your growth

No silo-thinking over here, only the full picture is good enough.



Experienced Hire

As an experienced consultant, I am challenged in multiple projects for a great variation of clients. I love it.


Our door is always open for high potentials.

​​Send us your resume and cover letter. Our HR team will follow-up.

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Experienced Hire

I found a place where I am not being pigeonholed into one specific domain, Addestino guides me through my personal journey


Our door is always open for high potentials.

​​Send us your resume and cover letter. Our HR team will follow-up.

Join the team

Look beyond the borders and acquire whole new fields of expertise.

You’re in the driver’s seat

At Addestino, you decide on the speed and the destination. We’re here to help you grow into a leader in the field of strategy, innovation and transformation across industries. But you tell us: where is it you want to go?

Here’s your team

Buckle up, because you’re about to meet your future colleagues—all of them top of their field and tech-savvy masterminds.


Working at Addestino as an experienced professional has truly been a game-changer. Having spent some years in other companies, I finally discovered the perfect blend of applying technological and business knowledge with strategic insight. The dynamic environment motivates me to push boundaries, surrounded by great minds that continually raise the bar. Addestino is more than just a workplace; it's a center of innovation that propels me to excel at high standards.

Karel De Smet

MSc Electrical Engineering 2016 Ugent & MSc Artificial Intelligence 2021 KUL


Signing at Addestino was a way for me to broaden my world and learn. Learn to work with different technologies, find out how they relate to the world, create a bigger impact. I feel I’m playing at a higher level, while still being very hands-on. And while we work for impressive clients, the company culture is about fairness, with everyone working on the same level of hierarchy.

Maarten Heyse

MSc Electrical Engineering 2010 UGent


Addestino gave me the opportunity to broaden my scope beyond technology. Now, I really like the interaction I have with customers, allowing me to hone my interpersonal skills. I feel I can evolve here, move to different industries and perfect my practice. I’m not being pigeonholed as an expert into one specific speciality.

Bert Marres

MSc Electrical Engineering 2018 UGent

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