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You're world class

With your expertise, you can ace the academic track. But what's next?

We don’t do boring

  • When selecting projects, we take only the challenging ones.
  • You’ll use your technical expertise and expand it to other domains.
  • Pivot whichever way you like. A new challenge? You say when.

The sharpest crayons in the box

  • You’re magna cum laude, and so are your colleagues.
  • With a team of PhD’s and engineers, you’ll be learning from the best.
  • We know you’re smart—now let’s make an impact.

We love tech, but we love humans more

  • Up or out? No thanks. We’re consultants, but we’re not like the others.
  • You set the pace, you decide which path to take.
  • All work, and enough play. We take your work-life balance seriously.
Let’s kickstart your career

You proved your academic worth. Allow us now to turn this into impact.



PhD Hire

My future perspective was to become a specialist in a designated field of epertise. I was rather interested to have a more generalistic approach, Addestino gave me that platform.


Our door is always open for high potentials.

​​Send us your resume and cover letter. Our HR team will follow-up.

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PhD Hire

In the past years I have been challenged in fast paced projects where I feel very comfortable now, guided by the best in our industy


Our door is always open for high potentials.

​​Send us your resume and cover letter. Our HR team will follow-up.

Join the team

There’s a whole new business world out there, let’s explore it together.

You’re in the driver’s seat

At Addestino, you decide on the speed and the destination. We’re here to help you grow into a leader in the field of strategy, innovation and transformation across industries. But you tell us: where is it you want to go?

Here’s your team

Buckle up, because you’re about to meet your future colleagues—all of them top of their field and tech-savvy masterminds.


This is high tech that has a very human feel. There’s none of that ‘get up or get out’ business you see in other consultancy firms. This is a place where great minds are valued, and where everyone understands that a decent work-life balance is primordial to keep those minds running at warp speed.

Vincent Coppé

MSc Mathematical Engineering 2016 KUL & PhD 2020


At Addestino, a lot of opportunities are provided to quickly expand your knowledge and gain experience. On a regular basis, in-house trainings are organized on the latest technological innovations, customer experience, finance … And on the job, you are able to work together with experienced colleagues and experts in the field, which allows for a steep learning curve.

Michiel Gossye

MSc Engineering Physics 2015 UGent & PhD 2020


Coming from a very specific research topic, I was looking for ways to broaden my professional horizon. At Addestino I found that and more: opportunities to expand my problem-solving skills, a growth-oriented environment, efficiency-driven mindset towards client impact… All this, coupled with a very pragmatic company structure. You end up with a recipe for continuous motivation during work, while having enough space to balance your personal life.

Nektar Xama

MSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2016 KUL & PhD 2022

A PhD is a great foundation. Let’s build a strong future on it.

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