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Addestino Alumni Michaël Vanderheeren

  • oktober 05, 2022
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I received a bachelor’s degree in informatics and a master’s degree in computer science and realised programming was great but not what I wanted to do daily. So, I completed an MBA; now, it was time to work.

I joined Addestino because they had a vision of doing consulting differently, where more innovation happens. Addestino picks out profiles they believe in and boosts your career by giving you that “extra push” to grow. The engagement, the speed at which we went, and the fun we had with customers—brainstorming new ideas and looking at problems from different angles—was exhilarating!

I worked on several significant projects at Addestino and was mentored by Dominique and Stefan. They pushed my abilities, from slide design to presentation skills, to learning the mechanisms of business and strategy. I learned to speak with C-level executives, interact with them in strategic meetings, and develop stories with the facts they need to make solid decisions.

Today, eight years later, I’m still using these skills. And honestly, those principles drilled into my mindset provided the building blocks for my career. Addestino provided me with a platform for growth. For people with experience, joining can level you up, and afterwards, you’ll have double the luggage to grow in your career.

I spent 7-years on Barco’s Clickshare team as it grew ten-fold and recently joined Smappee as Director of Strategy. Smappee originated in energy monitoring at home and changed our strategy to include EV charging and Smart Grid solutions. There is an increasing need for monitoring, management and balancing with lots of opportunities. I’m pulling from the foundational skills developed at Addestino and the past years to ask the right questions and support scaling up the business.

How does the supply chain work?
What does the market think?
Is the pricing correct?

My career was accelerated by Addestino, which taught me to analyse from different angles, learn quickly, stack competencies, and take on projects that developed my career. Thank you, Addestino!

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