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Entrepreneur alumni: from consultant to co-founder

  • april 24, 2024
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How does consulting experience help to start a new journey as an entrepreneur? Addestino alumnus Lode shares his transition from technical specialist to business owner. Discover how his consulting background shaped his entrepreneurial skills and prepared him to launch and lead his own company.

Lode’s natural curiosity led him to study civil engineering and electrical engineering. “After graduating, I started off developing both hardware and software at Alcatel-Lucent,” he recalls. “My time there taught me how to solve complex technical problems and take a hands-on approach. While I thoroughly enjoyed the work, I also knew that I wanted to expand my horizons beyond just engineering, eager to explore new industries through a more multifaceted job.”

The recruitment phone call from Addestino partner Stefan couldn’t have come at a better time, Lode explains. “I vividly recall my interviews with the management team,” he shares with a smile. “They have a knack for probing the potential organisational fit of new employees. Another thing that immediately stood out to me was the office environment. It was clear to me that they struck a balance between a small-scale, boutique feel and a business-minded atmosphere, employing nothing but incredibly talented people. That’s when I realised they’d really earned their nickname as the ‘special forces of business consulting’. Everyone I met managed to blend technical skill with a sharp business sense. Ultimately, what sealed the deal for me was the chances consulting would offer me to explore different sectors.”

Lode started in what is now known as the Addestino expert track, with a key focus on specialist technical projects. “My early assignments mostly leveraged my past work experience,” he says. “This helped me to gradually transition into my new consulting role. As I progressed, I broadened my expertise to work in new sectors and adapt my knowledge to different technologies.

This variety is one of the things I valued most. As I grew in my job, the Addestino management team would suggest embedded roles with new clients that slightly stretched my comfort zone and built new sector expertise along the way. The learning journey of mastering new business contexts and programming frameworks never ends. These initial projects also helped me to perfect the operational skills that are so often overlooked, like people management and task prioritisation. This came in handy, especially during my time as a project manager at large clients. These basic skills are often taken for granted, but they take time to master.

My long-term assignments alternated with short-term projects. The latter provided a refreshing change from my typical work. The ability and freedom to move between these two, is what sets it apart from positions at larger, more traditional consulting firms.”

“Addestino has always been a perfect fit for high achievers drawn to impactful work at leading companies,” Lode reflects. “However, it’s not just about the assignments themselves. Constantly being surrounded by bright minds means continuous learning, be it through formal training, at team events, or even during casual chats over lunch.”

After a fulfilling eight years at Addestino, Lode was ready to leverage his all-round expertise. “When a close friend approached me with an idea for a new business venture, I felt adequately prepared to take the plunge. We decided to start Bizzcontrol together, and I took charge of the development of our SaaS platform, leading a small development team.”

When asked about the fundamental skills gained at Addestino that now serve him in his current position as an entrepreneur, co-founder and team lead, Lode doesn’t hesitate: “The skills I honed at Addestino are part of my daily work toolkit. For those fuelled by a thirst for knowledge and a curiosity about global business operations, Addestino is an excellent workplace. I’ve felt that my time at Addestino has allowed me to mature and grow further, setting the stage for my next steps as an entrepreneur.”

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