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How Emiel charted his course for personal growth

  • mei 25, 2023
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Armed with a computer science degree and a passion for technology, Emiel joined Addestino and swiftly transformed into a versatile consultant. What motivates his choices and what are his plans for harnessing his skills? We caught up with Emiel to hear his story.

“During my academic journey, my fascination for IT and artificial intelligence grew,” Emiel kicks off. “After completing a curriculum focused on deep learning while participating in an exchange programme in Switzerland, I pursued an AI-focused thesis at a Ghent-based startup dedicated to epilepsy research. These experiences made me realise that I wanted to apply and extend my knowledge more broadly across diverse industries and business scenarios. Simultaneously, I desired personal growth and wanted to cultivate a range of business-oriented skills, adopting a holistic perspective rather than specialising in one specific aspect of technology and becoming a niche expert.”

In Emiel’s pursuit to blend his technical knowledge, practical problem-solving skills and business insight, consulting emerged as a natural career path. “After graduating, I had the perfect opportunity to reflect,” Emiel explains. “With numerous consulting options available, I quickly realised that I wanted to find an employer who could match my skills and interests with a well-defined path for future growth. What caught my attention with Addestino was their client-focused philosophy, strong methodology and dedication to the professional development of their consultants. The face-to-face interviews further solidified my impression. The managing partners delved into our mutual growth path and how we could support each other, as opposed to the one-sided approach I had encountered with other firms. It was refreshing to witness their investment in my personal aspirations.”

“It was refreshing to witness Addestino’s investment in my personal aspirations.”

Emiel wasted no time in joining the team. “It was the combination of diverse assignments and a clear path for personal growth that sealed the deal for me. I knew I would be able to work at the intersection between technology and business – a perfect fit. During the interview process, they presented me with multiple project tracks and possible career paths, along with examples of hands-on training sessions I’d be able to attend. This personal approach was something I valued, as it instilled in me the confidence that I could grow at a fast pace.”

With innovative thinking serving as the catalyst for progress in each client assignment, our consultants are constantly faced with challenging endeavours. “Addestino’s philosophy revolves around learning through practical experience, complemented by comprehensive training sessions for new hires and ongoing support during consulting engagements. There’s a deliberate focus on minimising the transition time between onboarding and working on the first client project. This enabled me to make a meaningful impact on a real business case right from the start. In my initial project, I worked closely with one of our principals, allowing me to learn first-hand from their expertise. As the project progressed, I had increasing opportunities to take on a more prominent role. Towards the end of this assignment, I was already leading meetings and client workshops, alongside key analytical and editorial responsibilities.”

When asked about his future aspirations, Emiel prefers to keep his options open. “I’m very pleased with the wide range of assignments I’ve encountered so far,” he explains. “From strategic projects to operational consulting gigs, I’ve gained in-depth knowledge of various business and IT departments in different sectors. This is precisely what drew me to consulting initially – the chance to savour different facets of a business. I value the fact that the Addestino team allows me the autonomy to chart my own course and pursue my interests.”

“I appreciate that the Addestino team gives me the space to chart my own course and pursue my interests.”

Having spent nearly three years at Addestino, Emiel is now leveraging his skill set to mentor others. “I find great joy in giving back to our junior colleagues through our mentorship program, just as I was guided by senior colleagues when I began my journey here. Simultaneously, I’m actively participating in our senior coaching track, which enables me to enhance my managerial and project leadership abilities. Reflecting on my journey, this gradual transition has exceeded my expectations.”

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