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Transitioning to a balanced career path: from MBB to Addestino

  • juni 13, 2024
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Our consultant Wout moved from an MBB consulting firm to join our ranks. In this blog, he shares his experience and how the prospect of a customised career path motivated him for the next step in his career.

“An AI-focused computer sciences degree like mine opens up plenty of career opportunities right out of university,” Wout begins. “In this field, it’s quite common to be approached by various employers across different industries. As I was wrapping up my master’s, I did a six-week internship at one of the Big Three consulting firms. Although I recognised that the high workload would mean restructuring my life around work, I was attracted to the idea of making a real impact at big-name and meaningful corporations. At the time, it seemed like an excellent learning experience for an ambitious new graduate, so I started working as a junior consultant at an MBB firm.”

“After a while, I realised that the intense trade-off between work and my personal life wasn’t what I wanted long-term,” he continues. “In previous conversations with the team at Addestino, I had learned that their value proposition was more in line with what I was ultimately seeking. Co-founder Dominique had mentioned that their typical projects were just as intellectually challenging and impactful, with an equally talented team. At the same time, they offered a more balanced approach to managing work, professional development, and personal time, allowing for both social activities with coworkers and more time to focus on my own projects and passions in my personal life.”

“After a year and a half in my first job, facing yet another all-consuming project deadline, I started exploring other options. I quickly reconnected with Joyce from the Addestino HR team. We discussed a customised career path on the Addestino consulting track that would support and build on my prior experience and skills.”

“When I first joined Addestino, the leadership team immediately assigned me to a highly challenging project with top-level client contacts – exactly the kind of intellectual test I enjoy,” Wout explains. “While this project was incredibly stimulating, I also had the freedom to arrange my working hours, allowing ample personal time to recharge.”

 When asked about the key advantage of working at Addestino, Wout doesn’t have to think long. “The tailored career track is what initially convinced me to join, and the team has proven from day one that they take this promise to heart. I can grow, steer my own career, and choose the types of projects I want to take on in the future – all while safeguarding my work-life balance. This personalised learning journey is highly effective, allowing me to learn even faster than when I was putting in 80-hour weeks. Addestino proves that high-value projects and time for personal reflection can coexist perfectly well. Taking time to think outside of work helps me to analyse assignments, come up with creative solutions, and stay inspired both professionally and personally.”

 Wout also feels supported in his future plans. “Addestino provides an environment that allows you to build your own career path, surrounded by highly capable team members with expert technical and consulting skills. This motivates me to expand my own skill set, giving me the tools I need to keep learning and build my career.”

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