Ruben Van Caelenberg


Ruben has always had a curious nature, eager to learn and discover new things. His interest in software development was sparked by his high school ancient Greek teacher, who introduced him to coding during lunch breaks. This led him to completing his Masters in Mechanical Energy Engineering from Ghent University, followed by an additional Masters in Sustainability & Business from the University of Southern California in LA as a BAEF fellow.

Soon after starting his professional career as an analyst at a global IT integrator, working on projects for both clients in Belgium and abroad, Ruben realised he wanted a more challenging role. He went looking for opportunities on the cutting edge of business & IT, wanting to support clients with their technology strategy projects. In 2021, following five years at Addestino working on projects in different sectors (ranging from utilities to telecom, automotive and public transport), Ruben joined Bekaert as Sustainability PMO manager. In this role, he helped to implement governance for their global sustainability program. In 2023, he rejoined Addestino as part of the management team. Ruben is in charge of developing our sustainability practice, where we leverage our data expertise to support clients in setting up a robust ESG reporting environment.

Favourite quote

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” - A. Einstein

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